Posted by: tsubakuro | February 16, 2010

Proposal Submissions to Go on Hold

Until the end of the year, proposal submissions for Sanmyaku: Photographs from the Japan Alps will be on hold. When I first began sending out the proposal, I intended to keep it “out there,” passing it on to publisher after publisher each time it was returned rejected. However, for a couple of reasons I will keep it at home until November or December.

The first reason is that I am going to submit some of the medium and large format photos reserved for the book project to Yama-to-Keikoku for my annual calendar submission. Until now, I have been sending them mostly images from abroad and a few from mountains in Japan. But last year I sent the last of my best material and now, in order to send a respectably good submission, I need to use some of the images from my Japan Alps collection. If the book proposal were to be accepted partly on the strength of some of the images I proposed for the book and I then didn’t have the original transparencies available, I think it wouldn’t look good. Whether any images are selected by YamaKei or not, they will be returned to me by October.

The second reason is that I want to redo the proposal. The present proposal is 100% on paper – proposal introduction and book details, sample text, personal history, and samples of the layout, as well as the album of 32 sample photo prints. I would like to try to create a sample of the book layout that can be viewed on computer as the print outs of the scanned photographs are terrible. I also now need to do some heavy updating of the text as I have much new information to add regarding the natural history of the Japan Alps, and my list of publication credits has grown slightly in the last few months. So, I want to take time to improve the proposal submission.

In the meantime, I have several articles to prepare, some related to my mountain photography in Japan, and my long overdo submission of photographs to my stock agency is coming to fruit. By November, I hope that I will not only have a revamped proposal to submit but also a few more publication credits to add.

As for this blog site, I will be posting more photos for the gallery and hopefully scintillating samples of tantalizing tidbits of information related to the natural history and climbing history of the Japan Alps. I am also thinking to add a category “Mountain Moments” where I will recall some of my most memorable adventures in Japan’s three highest ranges.



  1. Looking forward to more of your photography and also to more natural history – the fascinating landscape, flora and fauna of Japan have been strangely neglected in the English language for many decades ….

  2. Thanks Hyaku. I have three or four posts in my head but managing three blog sites here is not easy. I’m in the middle of finishing up a few photography projects as well. I want to add a link to your site if you don’t mind. But I am out of computer time right now.

    See you here and on your site again! I think you will have more useful information for me. Your site has been very helpful so far. Helpful and enjoyable!

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