Posted by: tsubakuro | February 5, 2011

Japans Alps Photos in American Magazine

(I am a couple of months behind in posting this as it was first news in November)

The Fall/Winter 2010 issue of Nature Photographer magazine, an American publication, features my article about winter mountain photography, entitled The Snow Must Go On, from pages 150 through 156. The seven pages include text and six photographs, and all of the photographs are from the Japan Alps.

When I had the slides scanned for the book I did with about the Japan Alps, I decided to submit them to the magazine instead of the originals as I used to do. Partly this was because the magazine only scans 35mm slides and not larger formats. By sending them a disk of my scanned slides, I could include medium formats as well. Out of the six published photographs, five of them appear in my book, and five of them were captured in medium format: 6×4.5 or 6×7.

This is not the first time photographs I made in the Japan Alps have been published in the pages of Nature Photographer. For the articles Why Mountains? (Fall 2005), Autumn Comes to the Mountains of Japan (Fall 2007), and Documenting or Creating? (Fall/Winter 2009) various photographs from the Japan Alps were included to illustrate each article.

In addition, The Japan Alps was recently revised and a new version with a few small corrections and amendments to the text now takes the place of the original book.


  1. Congratulations on this commission – it’s good that the Japan Alps are getting a (rare) photographic airing outside their home country. Any chance that you can post a link to the online version of the magazine – or even a pdf – so that we can see the feature from the comfort of our home computers?

  2. Sorry, PH. There is no feature on their web site – – and I have no PDF. The best I could do is photograph the pages and post them. But for a sneak peek at the first two pages you can see my latest wordpress blog, I created this blog just to post information about myself in Japanese for those times that I meet people in the mountains or at photo exhibitions and they want to know a little more about what I am doing with photography in Japan. My Japanese is far from perfect, but I think the information will be sufficient. Thanks for reading! Sorry I haven’t been your way recently.

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