Posted by: tsubakuro | July 15, 2011

The Japan Alps in Gakujin?

In the September issue of Gakujin magazine (on sale August 12th), there will be a four page piece about why I stayed in Japan after the great earthquake and subsequent nuclear power plant crisis. One of the reasons mentioned will be my self-published book on the Japan Alps and that I want to continue promoting the book and photographing in the Japan Alps. Several photos from the book will accompany the text. Though no link will be provided to, I am pleased to know that my mention of the book will be included.


  1. Congratulations – four pages of Gakujin is quite a coup! And it’s good to reinforce the message that the mountain photographers stayed with the ship… Any chance that you’ll be able to post a pdf or transcript of the article so that those out of reach of a Tokyo newsstand can read it?

    • Hi PH! Good to hear from you. Next month (once the next issue is out) I will post the entire piece and some of the photographs on my Japanese wordpress blog. I will notify you when that happens. Sorry I haven’t been by your blog recently. I know I have a lot of catching up to do.

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