Posted by: tsubakuro | November 17, 2011

Yama-to-Keikoku Again!

Big news! I was at the platform the other night, waiting to catch the train home, when I checked my email on my phone and found a message that gave me quivers of excitement.

The staff member at Yama-to-Keikoku (山と溪谷) magazine who had looked after my book and photos was writing to me. He first apologized for the delay in returned my submission (good because I was getting worried about it). He then went on to explain about an annual publication that comes out in January that is a guide book to mountaineering supply shops, mountain huts and lodges, and other practical things for mountaineering in Japan. It’s 350 pages of information.

I could already guess where this was heading but next came the part I was hoping to read. Of the photographs I sent them from my Japan Alps book they were thinking to use five of them for six pages. Each issue begins with a portfolio of photographs by one photographer and for 2012 they wanted to use my works. Fantastic!

To get into the pages of YamaKei has been one of those major accomplishments towards which I have been striving and now they have come to ask me for permission to use my photographs. Indeed, this is something to be thrilled about!


  1. Great news and congratulations – a full photo feature commissioned by YamaKei is a not insignificant honour. Look forward to seeing some images on your blog….

  2. Thanks, PH. Well, they used four photographs over six pages in a supplement called 山の便利帳 – Mountaineer’s Data Book. It is small and on very thin paper but they reproduction of the photographs is good. I am having a hard time keeping up my blogs but I will try to keep at it this year. Thanks always for reading.

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