Posted by: tsubakuro | February 22, 2012

The Japan Alps – a cursory glance from above part ii

Continuing with my collection of images copied from Google Earth, this second installment of images is of the Kita or North Alps of Japan.

The Kita Alps / The Hida Range 北アルプス/飛騨山脈

This is the overall view of the Kita Alps. The volcano of Norikuradake is at the bottom and Lake Suwa is off at the bottom right. Toyama City and the Sea of Japan are at the top left. Some of the main mountains are labeled in this image.

The Tateyama/Tsurugi Mountains and the Ushiro Tateyama Chain 立山・剣連峰と後立山連峰

The northern reach of the Kita Alps can be seen here with the Ushiro Tateyama mountain chain stretching up on the right. The Kurobe River flows west of this range and the Kurobe Dam is labeled. Tateyama and Tsurugi – both higher than any peak in the Ushiro Tateyama chain – sit watching over the Kurobe Dam and Kurobe Gorge.

The southern region of the Kita Alps 北アルプス南部

The southern region of the Kita Alps looks more convoluted than the northern region. Major peaks are labeled here, including the infamous Yarigatake. Also Kamikochi and the Karasawa Cirque are labeled.

The final installment will focus on glacial cirques of the Kita Alps.

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