About Project: Sanmyaku

sanmyaku 山脈 (Japanese) = mountain range

Since coming to Japan in 1999 I have come to love the mountains of the Japan Alps. Most of my photo outings these days are to the three ranges of the Alps – the Hida Range (Kita or North Alps), the Kiso Range (Chuo or Central Alps), and the Akaishi Range (Minami or South Alps). At first I went only once or twice a year but in the last few years I try to go at least a few times.

Through my treks and through viewing photos or reading about the Alps in books or on the Internet, I have come to appreciate the grandeur and beauty of Japan’s three highest ranges. I have found some sights and views that are truly breathtaking and challenge the stereotypical image of Japanese landscapes.I have become inspired to photograph the Alps from as many locations within the ranges as possible and throughout all four seasons. This is the foundation of Project: Sanmyaku.

As my photo collection grows so does my dream to one day see my photos in print. This dream has already started to come true thanks to the publication of my works in magazines. But my ultimate goal is to have a coffee table photo art book of not only my photographs but also text describing in English (and possibly also in Japanese) the natural history, climbing history, and well-known views and mountains.

I have already begun seeking a publisher for my book. I first sent off my proposal in August 2008. The going, however, has by no means been easy. This blog has been created to record the steps in the project from treks to submissions. This blog will document the development of the project which will hopefully culminate in the publication of my book Sanmyaku: Photographs from the Japan Alps.


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